February 24, 2012
Morris Street – 1400 KM UpNorth Roadshow

Friday 24 February 2012

After successfully completing Morris Street’s first 600 KM Jaipur Roadshow, next milestone on our map was 1400 KM Roadshow covering Northern states of India.


All the routine checks done which included
Engine oil, Break oil check
Water level check,
Air pressure check,
All fasteners check,
Car Detailing…

“Morris Street” started from New Delhi to explore the beauty of North India.

“Morris Street” will travel 1400 Km covering Amritsar, India-Pakistan Wagah Border (Attari), Jalandhar, Ludhiana,Chandigarh and New Delhi.

The excitement mellowed down a bit with the slow moving bumper-to-bumper traffic in New Delhi, which took us little more than two hours to reach National Highway 1. Once “Morris Street” was out of New Delhi on National Highway 1 the energy and excitement was back on track. Morris Street started cruising above 145 KMPH till Panipat. Beyond Panipat there were diversions, bad patches of roads off n on due to construction work on the Highway.

You may be thinking something is missing!!! That’s true how can we miss to mention the superb excitement “Morris Street” creates wherever it goes…

Respected car’s of the world and bikes were continuously chasing “Morris Street” to click pictures, videos on their mobile phone / cameras. One thing I always admire about “Morris Street